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November 2017

Phil and Dave look forward to going over to FRANKE GMBH 12 - 16 Nov 17 for a training workshop



October 2017
Franke UK have visited the PPMA show down at the Birmingham NEC. We have managed to pick up some good contacts in the Manufacturing of British made packaging machinery. We have also spoke  to several Robotics companies who are now awaiting us arranging a meeting at their factories for a demonstration showing  the capabilities of  FRANKE lightweight bearings.

Great show this year!!



Aug/Sept 2017 Anti magnetic linear rails and guides have been delivered to customer. Also 1.3m diameter bearing elements delivered to customer.

Franke introduce their new noise reducing LSC Slim Bearing! See slim bearing link for more details.


We also are stocking all rails and guides for KOLBE stone cutting machinery, Ring or email us for a quote.


JULY 2017; FRANKE VIDEO see how our bearings go together at

JUNE 2017; We welcome Mr Eberhard, & Mr Burghard, visiting us from Franke GmbH this week.

JUNE 2017; ANTI-MAGNETIC BEARINGS; New project for anti-magnetic linear system now in progress, Franke Bearings are the only manufacturer to offer anti-magnetic linear bearing systems

 FDAleverclamp001a LINEAR GUIDES WITH INTEGRAL CLAMPS; Franke FDA linear guides with integral clamps now stocked in the UK

JUNE 2017; VOLPAK machine users, we now stock linear bearings & rails suitable for Volpak machines

JUNE 2017; 1st of 2 large orders for LDZ bearings for Siemens delivered this month.

JUNE 2017; Franke visiting Franke.  We look forward to Mr Eberhard & Mr Burghard from Franke GmbH visiting us this month.

MAY 2017; FRANKE AT THE MOVIES or more precisely movie special effects.  Franke FBM20 linear modules have been used to enable camera mounts to be fitted to a framework around both sides of a motorcycle to enable tracking/panning shots of the actor to be filmed riding the bike in realtime. We delivered the complete 2.8 metre assemblies on time against an extremely tight filming schedule. Although we are not allowed to name the actor or the film. we are delighted to say we found the mission we had been given entirely possible. We have provided Franke lightweight linear guideway systems for several Harry Potters, Fury, Alice, Ben Hur, Alien Covenant & countless other movie special effects over the years,

MAY 2017; LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT BEARING ELEMENTS FOR INSPECTION MACHINERY.    Franke LER series light weight compact wire race bearing elements are specified for a new design of Turret for specialised inspection machinery to replace standard bearings & cam followers.  Using the LER bearing elements in the revised design has reduced cost, simplified & shortened build time & improved accuracy & stability.

MAY 2017; 3D BEARING PRODUCTION FOR AIRBORNE APPLICATIONS    Franke Germany confirm successful conclusion of tests & initial production of super lightweight 3D sintered aluminium bearings for application in Air ambulances.

APRIL 2017; WIND TUNNEL BEARINGS     Franke are comissioned to provide replacement wire race bearing elements for a UK based high speed wind tunnel.  The project involves bespoke manufacture of bearings @ 1000mm diameter.  long term, the client has asked Franke to build special ready to mount bearing assemblies to facilitate faster strip/rebuild times to minimise downtime on this valuable resource.

APRIL 2017; Transfer of ownership of Franke Bearings Ltd in the UK. A successful conclusion to negotiations is completed transferring ownership of Franke bearings Ltd to messrs Philip Worden & David Dobson.






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