Franke Slim bearings are manufactured in 7 size ranges, LSA4 (3” – 15” bores) with 7mm section, LSA6 (4.5” – 15” bores) with 6.35mm section, LSA8 (5.5” – 30” bores) with 7.94mm section. 

The LSB range is offered with steel enclosure as LSB 3/8” 9.525mm section with bores from 4.75” – 25”, LSB1/2” 12.7mm section with bores from 6” – 25” LSB3/4” 19.05mm section with bores from 7” – 25” & LSB1 25.4mm section with bores from 8” to 25” All LSB types are encapsulated with 2 piece steel sleeves to provide faster & simpler assembly. 

NEW: Slim bearings Type LSC with new size LSC 4

From now on, the LSC4 se­ries of slim be­a­rings with elas­to­mer will be ex­ten­ded by the smal­lest type LSC 4.The mo­ti­va­ti­on for the de­ve­lop­ment came through a se­ri­al appli­ca­ti­on in Switzer­land for use in a centri­fu­ge. The goal was to re­du­ce the no­i­se, which has been re­ached im­pres­si­ve­ly using elas­to­mer slee­ves.

The pro­duct data of the slim be­a­rings are available from the product page.

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