About Franke Bearings Ltd

Franke bearings Ltd has been in business since 1998 supplying OEM Machine design/build companies throughout the UK & Ireland with Linear & Rotary bearing systems for all types of applications. Many of our products are stocked at our facility in Longridge Lancashire, & we ship to all parts of the UK & Ireland on a daily basis.  We have a collective knowledge & experience of over 75 years in engineering machine build applications & can almost always offer a solution to your particular project or problem. We offer advice, catalogues & CAD files free of charge & are happy to quote for new applications & for replacement equivalent or alternative systems if required. We also have the backing of the Franke design team over in Germany who will design the bearing to your specification,  You can email us with your enquiry or you can call Dave  or Phil to discuss your project.

Email- sales@frankebearings.co.uk
Tel -(+44) 01772 780200

Franke Bearings Ltd

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Carbon Fibre bearings
CT Bearings
MRI Bearings
Flusterlager Bearings
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Slewing ring bearings
Unground wire race bearing elements


Precision ground wire race bearings Rotary Tables
Space saving bearings
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Ball bearing Cages
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Belt Drive Linear Modules
Screw Drive linear Modules
Lightweight Linear bearings
High Temperature Linear Guides
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Aluminium linear Rails
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FDA Linear Guideways
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FDD Anti-magnetic Linear Bearings
FDA modular linear bearings
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NBR seals
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LKB Ballcages
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