Bespoke/Specialist Bearings

Bespoke Lightweight Linear and Rotary Bearings

Franke is unique as a bearing manufacturer, unlike other high volume bearing producers Franke can & will build a single bearing for your specific application. Either as a bearing element or as a ready to mount bearing assembly The unique Wire race bearing concept allows the flexibility to provide you with exactly the bearing you need for your application.

You choose the size, profile, load capacity, speed, temperature, environment, life cycle, material, in fact, everything to ideally suit your application whether it is one off, or series production, call us with your requirement.

Accuracy along the entire line
Our Linear Systems are the best solution when it comes to speed and lightweight construction. They owe their outstanding functionality to the tried and true 4-point contact. Their modular construction allows us to individually modify the Linear Systems to deliver precisely what you need

Low weight – high load capacity

Integrated raceways made of steel or non-corrosive steel take high loads from all directions. Franke aluminum linear systems are perfectly suited for applications where highly dynamic movements and light weight design are requested.

Modular structure for individual requirements
The design principle of our Linear Systems makes them highly dynamic, quiet and maintenance-free. Franke Linear Systems can be modified individually to suit customer needs, thanks to their modular structure. You will always receive a solution that is ideally tailored to match your specific applications due to the use of various rail profiles and roller shoes, special cassettes, variable track widths or an integrated direct drive.

A patented innovation – in new shape
Our Linear Systems are based on the tried and true principle of 4-point contact. The patented system of Guided Rollers® moves the rollers and raceways ideally. Wire raceways made of steel or non-corrosive inserted in the aluminium body of the guide rails ensure a high resilience and load capacity. Franke Linear Systems are used wherever there is a need for high dynamism combined with lightweight design.



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