Rotary Tables

Franke LTA rotary tables in sizes LTA100 & LTA200 deliver excellent radial & axial run accuracy & well suited to high dynamic handling & assembly applications.

Radial & Axial run accuracy of 30um is achieved with 120 – 160 sec. positional accuracy & 14 – 20 arc-sec repeatability LTB series high accuracy tables offer still higher accuracies in 4 sizes, LTB125, LTB175, LTB265, & LTB400. RADIAL/Axial accuracy from 20um – 30um, Positional accuracy from 50 arc sec. to 80 arc sec. & Repeatability from 8 arc sec to 16 arc sec.

An ingeniously simple principle

Our Wire Race Bearings are based on a simple yet ingenious principle: Individual race rings made of wire are fitted with a raceway that is designed precisely to match the diameter of the rolling elements. Therefore, the rolling action does not take place directly between the rolling elements and mating structure, but rather with low-friction on the four open race rings. This engineering principle permits free design of the mating structure in terms of its geometry and material selection.

Compact and lightweight

Wire Race Bearings are extraordinarily compact and fit snug in even the tiniest mounting spaces. They are available either as bearing elements (consisting of race rings, rolling element and cage), or as ready-to-use bearing assemblies together with the mating structure. Their compact form and the free material selection for mating structures permit the construction of lightweight designs whose low masses also require less operating power.

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Product Specification

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